See what’s possible with your loft space.  With numerous options, tools, and decades of experience at our disposal, we know how to achieve exactly what you need.  If you have any questions about the conversion process, let us know and we’ll talk you through everything from start to finish.


All staircases are custom built for your space and will blend perfectly with your existing staircases.  It will be like the new staircase was always there.


Do you have a low roof or a small loft area?  This isn’t a problem as we can re-truss your roof to change its shape or height with minimal hassle.

Joist End Support

Our reinforced end supports make it more possible than ever before to add a sturdy and compliant floor to your loft conversion.  No cranes or party wall agreements are needed!

Dormer Finish Options

Take your bungalow to the next level.  With the same options as for detached houses, we can have all of the options available.